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A Mom's Life

All the excitement of being Andrea's mom

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I'm a 30-something year old mother of one beautiful and amazing little girl named Andrea. I've been married happily for over 10 years and we live in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. I've lived in Missouri, Texas, Colorado, Utah, and Georgia, where I've been for half my life (hard to believe).

I work from home some doing web design, but mostly I'm a SAHM, and my journal is primarily about my daughter and other parenting-related stuff. I'm super-crunchy compared to most mainstream parents, but I actually think I'm pretty middle of the road. We used cloth diapers for over a year, I'm a passionate (extended) breastfeeder, I don't believe in CIO and other tough-love parenting styles, I believe in baby-wearing, I make an effort to buy more whole foods than pre-packaged ones, I compost and recycle, and Andrea is still in a rear-facing car seat at 2 years old. But we didn't cosleep, we eat meat, I don't usually buy organic, Andrea watches TV and goes to preschool, we believe in time-outs, and I spank more than I'd like to.

I'm politically conservative, and a Christian who is involved in my local church, but most of my friends aren't (both online and IRL). I don't talk about religion or politics unless someone asks, and I don't care what others believe or don't believe.

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